Ceramic sinks need to withstand a lot as a daily often used product. For example, kitchen sinks have to contact with food, oil, sharp appliance and hot pots; bathroom sink have to bear unstable environment, either wet or dry. So the material of sinks play a important role. Our ceramic materials have been carefully prepared by experts with many years of rich experience, plus special firing methods, so that the product quality is in the best state.
Healthy and safety
Keeps shine well
Chemical attack resistance
Ceramic is made of natural clay fired at high temperature. It does not contain organic chemicals. It is very healthy and safe.
High temperature firing makes the 
shine of ceramic surface are full and exquisite, and non-yellowing.
Ceramics can resist acid, alkali and salt corrosion. Not easily damaged by chemicals
Ceramics are heat resistant and 
weight-bearing.The materials can
adapt to changing environment.
Scratches resistant
Easy cleaning
Ceramic surface is so robust that even knives leave hardly any trace.
The smooth surface is imporous that do not allow for dirt buildup.Routine maintenance is simple.
Ceramic has lower water absorption, higher hardness and longer service life.
Ceramic sinks are highly customizable and can be designed to take on almost any shape or appearance. 
      What is the diffculty of product straightness?
      The high temperature during the firing process makes the ceramic sinks easy to soften, and the internal pressure of the kiln makes the sinks easy to 
be distorted, so the probability of deformation of the ceramic sinks is very high, especially the rectangular sinks. 

      What can we do?
      We use a special firing method to reduce the deformation rate, control the straightness of kitchen sink edge within 3 mm, and bathroom sink 
within 2 mm. With 100% careful inspection and screening, we provide customers with the highest quality products.